Cultivate Landscape, Cultivate Community

Chicago Park and Boulevard 2.0, Spring 2020 

University of Pennsylvania

Collaboration work with Yiwen Gao

Instructor : Christopher Marcinkoski

Program : Conservatory, Landscape-related industry

Site Location : Chicago, IL

Gross Area : 640 acre

 This project aims to activate the local economy, create job opportunities and develop greater community cohesion by proposing a new green industry tied to the facilities and resources of the adjacent Garfield Park Conservatory. This new industry has the potential to activate the area immediately adjacent to the Conservatory, as well as serve the broader surrounding communities.
This new green industry is catalyzed by investments in the mobility provisions in the area including the introduction of a Bus Rapid Transit network. The new mobility system, which runs along the Park and Boulevard System, connects the new industry to adjacent and further afield populations, making the surrounding areas more attractive for new investment. 
 In the proposal, the Garfield Park Conservatory builds on its status as a regional destination. By expanding its work to address issues of vacancy and unemployment in the surrounding neighborhoods, this area has the potential to become the site of a new, robust planting industry.