Embracing Peace

Housing Complex Design Studio, Fall 2014

Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, South Korea

Individual Work

Instructor : Yoonhie Lee

Program : Housing

Site Location : Sinyoung-dong, Seoul

Gross Floor Area : 9,110m2

  Before the rapid development of the 70’s in Korea, many people lived in single-family housing. A number of these housing formed a small village, sharing safety and cleaning duties as well as warmth among neighbors. On the other hand, the most common type of residence today in Korea is a high story apartment, especially in large cities. While the benefit of living in an apartment complex is undoubtedly large, regarding security and convenient facilities, other problems such as lack of communication among residents and low quality of natural environment became a new issue.

  This project suggests a compromise plan for a housing complex that applies the good sides of the aforementioned two types of housing. The complex contains community building with various facilities for residents, and induces interaction among neighbors by the circulation system, while providing a comfortable and safe village-like environment with great natural scenery.

embracing peace.JPG