Farming Nature,

Framing Future

First Prize, Edmund N.Bacon Student Urban Design Award 2021

Collaboration work with Junwon Kim, Nuosha Wang and Shaoan Chiu

Program : Biotech-hub, Urban farm, Housing, Wetland park

Site Location : Philadelphia, PA

Gross Area : 1,100 acre

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 From a sick Philadelphia to a healthy Philadelphia: Philadelphia is now in the stage of seeking solutions for the side effects of industrial developments that had flourished over decades. The refinery site along the Schuylkill River is a precious opportunity to demonstrate the urban life of next generation in Philadelphia. 
Here, this project identifies three major issues of the site: The death of the traditional industry, contamination caused by the refinery and food insecurity of the future generation. Then, we are picturing the future to provide a series of remedies and establish a environment with biotech research hub to vitalize the citywide economy, new urban farming system that can bring food equity and job opportunity and wetland with waterfront park that can remediate the environment and community health. 
  Moreover, with the advancement of bio-technology, this project is proposing a  new community-based food sharing system named IndeFARM. This downsized version of the vertical farm is supported by the government and operated by the community organization. IndeFARM improves local consumers’ accessibility to fresh products, leads community economy and stewardship, and provides a new streetscape to the neighborhood. 
The project is visioning that in 2070, the site will be a vigorous and healthy urban center that serves the surrounding neighborhoods while making Philadelphia a resilient city.

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