Undergraduate Thesis, Spring 2016

Ewha Woman's University, Seoul, South Korea

Individual Work

Instructor : Sooin Yang

Program : Urban farm, Gym, Meditation center

Site Location : Cheongjin-dong, Seoul

Gross Floor Area : 2,770m2

 While highly developed cities nowadays make it possible for citizens to live a convenient life, the city's environment for improving health and mental stability of people has become poorer compared to the past. Many city residents experience a lack of emotional relaxation and are forced to spend most of their time busy at work. For this reason, people living in the city have become interested in the new culture that can improve the quality of their daily lives. 

 This project focuses on suggesting a new type of indoor cultural space for urban dwellers with various programs-exercise, meditation and relaxation. Moreover, urban farming is combined with these programs with the purpose of bringing greenery inside the building and inducing productive activity. All the programs are not simply arranged side by side, but they interact with each other and thus enable visitors to enjoy the building in diverse ways and further help them to create a new lifestyle.