urban farmer's community "Pajeori" in Seoul, 2018-2019


Heejung Shin

is a landscape architect, who is passionate about having a meaningful impact on restoring the environment, shaping people’s experience in a better way, and finding ways for humans and nature to live together as a companion. With her design, she hopes to grow people’s awareness of our huge influence on nature, and help people to respect the wildlife and the environment surrounding us. This work requires deep consideration on ecology, environment and humans, as well as how these different entities intersect and communicate with each other. Although it is extremely challenging work, she believes landscape architects are the ones who can make it work most successfully.

Landscape Architecture

Nature and humans are a companion on Earth. Landscape architecture is capable of building spaces that can not only satisfy human needs but also have significant environmental impact. Landscape architecture is at the forefront of addressing complex environmental and social issues facing contemporary cities.

Urban Design

55 percent of the world’s population lives in urban areas today. As cities become more and more crowded with infrastructures, vehicles and people, urban design plays a critical role in shaping how people move, think and rest. Task of urban design engages with social, cultural, environmental, and even political challenges of today.


Building is where people spend most of their time during the day. Especially in urban areas, people’s everyday experience is enriched by encountering diverse forms of architecture. As boundaries between architecture, landscape and urban design become blurred, what we design will have an even greater influence on the quality of lives.

Detail and Model Study

Detail and model study makes high quality projects in the real design world. From sketches to making one to one scale pavilion, studying detail always helps understand how the whole system works, and thus fill the gap between the digital work and reality.


Observation and hand-on experience out in the field inspires me in every way. Archived field notes will become precious inspiration for future projects.